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Make Gourmet Quality curry at home

Island Curries make high quality curry pastes & powder at Kingston, Tasmania. We use only the best ingredients so that Island Curries paste is full of flavour; ideal for everyone from home cooks to commercial chefs who like to create dishes from scratch while saving time on prep. Our focus is on quality, not quantity, and all our products are vegan-friendly, preservative free & gluten free. One 50g Island Curries pack with 500g meat, fish, chicken or vegetables feeds 2-4 depending on what extras you add, and how hungry you are.. give Island Curries a go; " authentic, and so easy!"

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Island Curries' pastes are quite mild, yet packed with flavour. We use the very best herbs and spices; you control the spice heat by adding a little chilli powder if you want to.

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